What is IPE?

Ipe hardwood, trex roll out door mat walkway


We believe in this quality natural material so much, we built our entire business around it!  Its so dense and flawless that it will stand out no matter where it is used!

This fine decking hardwood is sleek and flawless and has multiple properties that make it perfect for the products we bring to you. We selected IPE because it meets nearly every need and assumes qualities perfect for holding up in even the harshest conditions. It comes in a variety of names including Brazilian Walnut.  IPE, similar to Teak, shares features to other hardwoods that come from central and south America.  All of our IPE comes from suppliers who support responsible harvesting.

Key features:

  • Natural and ascetically pleasing
  • Extreme strength
  • Termite resistant
  • Naturally slip resistant and meets ADA Standards
  • Not likely to warp
  • Not likely to rot
  • Doesn't crack or splinter easily when it dries out
  • Long lifespan even in harsh conditions
  • Weathers to a sleek silver color