Industrial & Commercial Orders

For industrial and commercial orders please contact our sales department to get more information on product options. Different design options are available for commercial orders that includes turns and curves. We can make a walkway to fit nearly any landscape and can best tailor the product to a wide array of needs. If you have a blueprint or layout of the design already made up we will be able to provide you with a quote for the job, after the project is reviewed. 

Our Commercial Mats are perfect for high traffic areas outdoors, and our materials are extremely durable and will not fall to the elements like water, wind, and sun. Order matching mats for every entrance and keep your brand in the minds of guests, by getting your brand logo installed onto select products.

Our Commercial Walkways are designed to be installed on uneven terrain, such as sand, mulch or concrete. Bandi Coastal Commercial Walkways are designed to withstand high traffic. We can make walkways that can be moved or stored for seasonal use or that can be installed permanently onto your property. Make your property come together with multiple Bandi Coastal products like matching walkways and mats.   

Thanks for your interest in doing business with Bandi Coastal. 

-Bandi Coastal Team