Sunburst Doormat
Sunburst Doormat
Sunburst Doormat
Sunburst Doormat

Sunburst Doormat

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Our IPE Sunburst mats are handcrafted from the Reddish-Brown Brazilian hardwood known for its beauty and longevity. These mats are perfect for any home and make great gifts. We connect each wood piece with a series of drilled holes where nylon rope is fed through to hold to together and 1/2" Pex spacers are inserted to keep the spacing. IPE is among the worlds longest lasting hardwoods and our mats will outlast any other making it a great value. The slat design allows for dirt to fall down between the slats and good for working mud off of your shoes. It is also great in the snow and ice as it can be peeled up and set on top creating a non slip surface.


We use IPE (ee-pay) also known as Brazilian Walnut because of it's superior qualities. It generally comes from Central and South America, and is similar to Teak in appearance. You can find IPE used on many decking and boardwalk projects. Coney Island is among many notable places used and lasts for 20+ years before needing replaced despite heavy use and harsh elements on the coast. Some market IPE for lasting 70+ year life span on normal use applications.

IPE oil can be used to maintain its reddish brown color or it can be left to weather to a sleek silver finish. We continue to take pride in the results IPE gives our products for the following reasons:

- Extreme strength surpassing all other decking options (Bending Strength: 22,560 psi)
- Naturally slip resistant
- Not likely to warp, crack, or splinter
- Not likely to rot (long lifespan)
- Termite resistant
- Very dense material

Great Accents for: Doorsteps, Entrance-ways, Kitchens, Patios, Porches, Pools, Campsites and much more!

34" x 20"

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We are confident that Bandi Coastal IPE Doormats will be everything you wished for when shopping for a new, stylish wooden mat.